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erica swarvane ([personal profile] the) wrote2016-01-16 12:01 pm

movies watched in 2016

edge of tomorrow - not a fav but so good
star wars tfa camrip
jonestown: the life & death of peoples temple
into the woods so annoying
lake mungo
hannibal buress - comedy camisado
hannibal buress live @ chicago
sleepaway camp omg
breaking dawn pt2 :D
battlefield earth
the island

inside story: heaven's gate
the death of solar temple
ant man thismovieisgarbage
punisher: war zone this movie is DIAMONDS
devil girl from mars
what have you done to solange
punisher: war zone
hearts of darkness a filmmakers tantrum

captain america: civil war
fright night
tropic thunder
director's cut
tropic thunder dc- cast commentary

gattaca wins for stupidest movie that thinks its hella smart
10 cloverfield lane
the little mermaid 3
the monitor
nick thune - folk hero
donald glover - weirdo
ali wong - baby cobra
airport '77
frozen 2010
red planet
tim minchin & the heritage orchestra - live @ rah

bo burnham - make happy
holy musical b@man!
eugene mirman - vegan complain store
indiana jones & temple

extraordinary tales
the babadook
kung fu panda 3
crank 2 high voltage
pride & prejudice & zombies
gods of egyptlol
both john mulaney specials
chelsea peretti - 1otg

chelsea handler - ubkm
baby cobra
mr universe

suicide squad camrip
david cross - making america gr8 again!
david cross - bigger & blackerer
suicide squad
django unchained
inglourious basterds

the shadow
star trek beyond
last woman on earth
21 jump street
22 jump street

tmnt 2 oots
the monster squad
gotg i dont like this movie anymore
lights out i hate this movie & evth it chooses to be
the voices
the purge election year
the netflix john mulaneys

the wolverine bg noise
suicide squad extended cut
finding dory
lawnmower man ohhhh MAN
rise of the planet of the apes
dawn of the same kinda thing
the road to el dorado

reggie watts - spatial
pft - crying & driving
pft - you should have told me
lazer team

strange empire
miss fisher's murder mysteries s1
bojack horseman s1
over the garden wall
bojack horseman s2
2 seasons of archer
rick & morty s1
comedy bang bang s4

the twilight zone s1
the addams family s1
supergirl s1
daredevil s2 makes me mad
brooklyn 99 s3b
the mindy project s4
the mindy project s3, s2, s1
bojack horseman s1 & s2

the mindy project s3
grace & frankie s1
grace & frankie s2
sense8 s1
game of thrones s6
preacher s1
chelsea does...
bojack horseman s3
harmonquest s1
bojack horseman s1 & s2
jessica jones s1

steven universe s3
we bare bears s1b
luke cage s1
from dusk till dawn s4 terrible
archer s3, s4, s5, s6
rick & morty s1/s2

supergirl s2a
legends of tomorrow s1
rvb s1&s2

audio / podcasts&albums / etc:
h jon benjamin - i really should have...
dead authors pod maya angelou, lrh, rod serling, roald dahl, beatrix potter, camus, gospels, iceberg slim
how did this get made bloodsport, after earth, war zone, con air, avtak, gamer
spontaneation storm drain, laundromat, ghost sex, tv news ctrl room, madrid, state fair, big rainstorm
ludacris - red light district
vr the champions
let's play: layers of fear, 8 way gang beasts
the pod f tompkast advice 3/#15, #24
cracked podcast #97, #13
my favorite murder #31
astonishing legends sludge entity, devil diner
funaus demo disk stupid sexy deer
james bonding live&letdie
rizzle kicks

total #: 92
strike = didn't finish, doesn't count
italics = watched for the 2nd/nth time
bold = favourite (only for films watched for the 1st time)