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erica swarvane ([personal profile] the) wrote2017-01-03 06:42 pm

media absorbed in 2017

the silenced
terminator: genisys
the nightmare canadian doc
the nightmare 2015
ava's possessions
michael bolton special
1 hour and 15 minutes of paul giamatti sitting quietly in a dumpster
star trek beyond
the guest
mst3k reptilicus
mst3k cry wilderness
mst3k time travelers
mst3k avalanche
gotg vol2
: my father's funeral
lego batman
starship troopers

event horizon
47 meters down
satanico pandemonium
live die repeat: u titled ur movie badly
rogue one
disney's descendants

disney's descendants 2
power rangers
invisible guardian (2nd half)
kill command
final girl
death note 2017 what a trip
get out
xxx return of xander cage
wonder woman
the wasp woman will finish l8r

dirk gently s1 x3
a series of unfortunate events
comedy bang bang s1-4
riverdale s1
legion ugh i hate this
iron fist bits nvm i thought i knew what hatred was iwaswrong
star trek tng s2
thirteen (bbc)
star trek tng s3
wynonna earp s1
goosebumps s5
review s1
star trek tng s4
review s2
review s3
archer dreamland
brooklyn 99 s4
star trek tng s5 that was a weird mixedbag
killjoys s1
star trek tng s6
star trek voy s1
blood drive

dirk gently
bojack horseman s4
rick and morty s3

channel zero s2 no-end house oops and yeesh
channel zero s1: candle cove
harmonquest s2 dungeons dragons and divorced
the gifted

audio / podcasts&albums / etc:
demo disk
postmodern jukebox
escort mission
oneboredjeu mashups
monster factory
polygon nuzlocke challenge
mcelroy podcast fever
the adventure zone BOB campaign

total #: 26
strike = didn't finish, doesn't count
italics = watched for the 2nd/nth time
bold = favourite (only for films watched for the 1st time)

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