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erica swarvane ([personal profile] the) wrote2017-08-08 09:58 am

give this to whosits

PINK #C-137
26, Canadian, she/her, PST. a list of interests in no particular order: horror movies, exploitation films, Paul F Tompkins, Tomb Raider, palmistry, space whales, vids, Puppet Master, giallo, smeared lipstick, sterling silver, collage, HDTGM, moon water, leggings, the Overlook Hotel playset, big old dogs, grey hair, Pacific Rim, women's history, passable bilingualism, spiritual Bai Lingualism, eclectica, X-Men, shark movies, teeth and whiskers, McElroy content, dead malls, virgo shit, house spiders, cosmic horror,
i will. i will give this to whosits.